Portland Do

26 Feb

Take a walk on the Westside…and the Eastside:

The city of Portland is divided by the Willamette (pronounced Will-Lamb-It) River, and there is no better way to keep your street-cred up than by exploring both sides. Here is a quick list of great streets with hip shops, food carts, amazing eateries, and eclectic bars.

Westside- Portland’s downtown district where the Ace and Lucia Hotel are located

Eastside- rooted by Portland’s hip and eclectic neighborhoods. Jupiter Hotel his here

Go By Street Car:

Take a free ride on the state-of-the-art and eco-friendly lightrail train: when within the downtown area, all rides are free. With multiple stops at strategic locations, there is no need to rent a car if planning to stay in the Portland area.

The lightrail (called the “Max”) provides transportation from the airport to downtown and beyond. If planning on visiting sights on both the Westside and Eastside of Portland, there is a small transit fee… but all rides within the city-core are free… not to mention, the free entertainment of public transportation.

Not all Portland lightrail trains are green in color

Portland’s Metropolitan Area Express (MAX)


Live Music:

An indie-rock hotbed, Portland is home (or a recreational resting place) to some talented bands and fun live music venues. Locations range from downtown to the hip streets of Alberta, Mississippi, and Hawthorne. Please view the Portland A&E (comes out on Fridays from the Oregonian paper) for times, locations, and most importantly– the bands.


Type in portland when it calls for “city.”

Run & Bike the City:

Constantly voted the #1 biking city in the U.S., take advantage of the historically sunny skies and long days of Portland’s August. Although not numbering as many as the local coffee shops, there are plenty of friendly bike shops that will rent to you for the day or weekend.

Here are some great areas to bike

  • Mt. Tabor
  • Along the waterfront
  • Portland’s West Hills
  • Across the many Portland Bridges (an annual event for Portlanders)
  • Throughout the neighborhoods on the Eastside (Historic Irvington area and Broadway St., Mississippi St., Alberta St., Hawthorne St.)

Running is an exercise staple within and around the city of Portland. The standout area is undoubtedly FOREST PARK. Here is a list of places to run:

  • Forest Park- Labeled the cleanest air for running in the U.S. It’s a network of trails within a forest setting. Located on the Westside. Also home to the Portland Rose Gardens and The Pittock Mansion.
  • The Waterfront- Use the network of bridges to run from downtown to the Eastside, or vise-versa.

Food Carts:

All the rage across the U.S. are food carts. From their early roots on the streets of New York, Portland’s food carts have broken the mold and upped the ante. Featured in multiple full-length articles from Portland Magazine to Sunset Magazine to the NYtimes, the scene here is worth exploring. Their popularity with the locals has made it so that almost all areas of Portland have food carts, just google Portland Food Carts to find the type and location.

Hop Sampling and Papa Pinot:

Happy-Hour-Heaven, Portland is a drinking town. Enjoy one (or many) of the local microbrews. Most breweries and watering holes are located within reach of the Max Stations for ease-of-transportation.

Henry’s Tavern (pictured) is located downtown, close to the Ace and Lucia Hotel, in an awesome red-brick building, and offers over 100 beers on tap with an ice-frosted bar to keep your beer and the bottom of the glass frosty. For sure to please, it also offers great happy-hour eats.


Henry’s Tavern

10 Northwest 12th Ave.

Portland, Oregon



Don’t forget to check out the many other great local (neighborhood) options. A few are: HOPworks, and Lucky Labrador.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

2944 Southeast Powell Boulevard

Portland, Oregon



Lucky Labrador Public House

7675 SW Capitol Hwy

Portland, Oregon




Not to worry, a nose has not been turned up at the wine drinkers. Oregon Pinot Noirs have gathered quite the following. Recent articles are calling the ’08 vintage the best yet (a 97 rating)… and could get even better.

There are many areas just outside of the city limits that offer amazing agricultural views and intimate tasting ambiance. A car (or a local Portland friend) might be your best way out t0 these areas, but many Portland eateries promote artisanal fare and will offer the local wines.

Powell’s Books:

An entire city block, and growing. Seems to make it on all the attraction lists. Easy to get to (located a few blocks from the Ace Hotel on Burnside St.) and even easier to get lost in, it truly is a museum of books. Walk through the isles or pull up a seat with a cup of coffee, this place is a one-stop-shop for great literature and people watching.

Powell’s Books

1005 West Burnside

Portland, Oregon



Rose Gardens and Pittock Mansion:

Basically located within Forest Park, these are two beautiful attractions that can be walked, ran, or biked to. 

The Rose Gardens were an easy call for Portland. Dubbed “the city of roses,” city planners didn’t have to think twice about providing locals and visitors a grand display of these beautiful flowers.

A French Renaissance Chateau, the Pittock Mansion is a Portland icon with breathtaking views of the city and Mount Hood on a clear day.

These two attractions are great any time of the day and are a short drive (or run) from eachother.

Pittock Mansion

3229 NW Pittock Dr

Portland, Oregon




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